Landscape architecture

Territory improvement

Landscape architecture includes landscaped areas, well-kept canal flowing into a private pond, safe and smooth walkways.
Благоустройство территории IRIS
Bike Parking
Water Channel
Sports Ground
Children's Playground
Children's Playground
Recreation Area near the pond
Waste containers
Waste containers

Landscape architecture includes green areas, a well-groomed canal that flows into a private pond, safe and smooth walkways and beautiful flowerbeds, comfortable and well-equipped places for recreation. The Skrines Street section will be supplemented with a row of tree plantation to create a greener and more beautiful environment. The territory is planned to be fenced in impregnated wooden fence. Car entry gates will be fitted with automatic gate opening system.

There are two recreational/playground areas designed in the residential complex with green rubber coverings that meet the required standards. There are 6 different units of play equipment in the children's playground as well as 4 different units of outdoor fitness equipment for sporty leisure.

The walkways near houses, sidewalks and grounds will be paved, providing easy and convenient movement along the residential complex territory.

In order to avoid unauthorized people entering the territory, a single-leaf gate and a galvanized, powder-coloured metal fence with wooden boards will be installed. 16 lanterns with bright LED lights will provide illumination in the territory of the residential complex.