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If you have dreamed of buying a housing in Riga - IRIS SHAMPETERIS APARTMENTS is the perfect solution in the real estate market. By comparing the housing prices in Latvia, you will easily understand that our residential complex has an obvious advantage over other offers in the market. We do not offer the cheapest housing in Latvia - we offer a high-quality solution at a reasonable price.
Shampeteris IRIS

"IRIS" is a unique residential building complex in the ecologically clean and luxurious area of Riga — Shampeteris

"IRIS" is a unique residential building complex in the ecologically clean, green and luxurious housing area of Riga — Shampeteris, located between the centre of the capital of Latvia—Riga and one of the most beautiful resort towns in Latvia – Jurmala.

Location and surrounding area of the building complex has significantly affected the visual image and style of "IRIS" housing; therefore elegant texture and natural colours have been used in the architecture of the residentil complex. Due to its concise design, "IRIS" naturally blends into the surrounding landscape.


IRIS dog playground

Philosophy of the "IRIS" project – a modern apartment in the city with the advantages of a private house

History of Shampeteris is closely related to the manors of Riga that were constructed on the outskirts of the city, surrounded by trees.

Philosophy of the "IRIS" project – a modern apartment in the city with the advantages of a private house. The key idea of the project – desire of people to find a place that not only brings peace to their heart, gives comfort and is visually attractive, but also has a sense of personality. Authors of the project believe that personality is not just a word but rather a lifestyle.

IRIS SHAMPETERIS APARTMENTS is a housing for those who highly appreciate the level of comfort.


IRIS global plan house


The total area of the residential building complex is 2.5 hectares. Several three-floor multi-apartment buildings are planned within the framework of the project. It is planned to construct three buildings with 72 apartments (from one to four bedrooms) during the first stage.

The first building of the project will be put into operation in the second quarter of 2019.

Area of apartments planned within the project framework is between 50 m² (one bedroom) to 130 m² (three bedrooms). The apartments of the second and third floor will have a balcony or a terrace and the first floor apartments will have a private patio (courtyard).

In order to ensure higher comfort level of the residents, an elevator is planned in each stairwell, as well as an area for placing strollers and bikes.

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IRIS flat finish design

Apartments in Riga with full design finish

You can move-in into the purchased apartment immediately after buildings commision, as apartments are sold with a full finish in light or dark colours. Apartment owners may select one of the finishes offered by the designer prior to the beginning of interior works of the residential complex.

The latest trends of a cosy and comfortable residence style have been taken into account during the development of design of each apartment – modern, spacious and functional planning, selection of high-quality materials, two restrooms in two and three bedroom apartments (a shower room and a bathroom). A separate restroom and a wardrobe next to the master bedroom will be built in all apartments. Panoramic windows will give a sense of space and will fill the rooms lighter.

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