The main advantage of the project “IRIS” is a green, well-kept and fenced area with a well-thought-out and beautifully decorated landscape.
Landscape Architecture IRIS

Landscape Architecture

The main advantage of the "IRIS" project is its green, maintained and demarcated territory with a well-though-over and neatly arranged landscape; in addition, safety and comfort are also being taken into consideration.

Landscape architecture is formed by verdured squares, a channel running into a pond near the buildings, pedestrian walkways, flower beds and areas for recreation.

Children's Playgrounds IRIS

Children's Playgrounds

Modern playgrounds with baby-proof coverings will be placed on the building’s territory. A special distinguishing mark of "IRIS" is not only the outdoors playground but also a playground under a canopy, which allows the children to play in fresh air even on rainy days.
IRIS Sports Area

Sports Area

Residents of "IRIS" territory will have an opportunity to maintain their good physical shape and engage in sporting activities in the special designated sports area.
IRIS Ecological lifestyle

Ecological lifestyle

By promoting a green and ecological lifestyle, the developers of the project will also take care of possibility to sort waste.
IRIS Security


To ensure that the residents of the apartments feel safe in any life situation, a guard station will be placed on the territory of the complex, ensuring both 24-hour security and video surveillance.


Project provides above the ground parking.

IRIS Transportation infrastructure

Transportation infrastructure

The residential area has a well-developed public transportation infrastructure – buses, minibuses, taxis, trains and bike paths, which allow to quickly reach:

Old Riga:
  • 15-20 minutes by bus/train;
  • 5-10 minutes by car;
  • 20-25 minutes by bike;
  • 15-20 minutes by bus/train;
  • 5-7 minutes by car;
  • 20-25 minutes by bike;
  • 3-5 minutes by car;
  • 5-7 minutes by bus;
  • 20-25 minutes by bike;