Environment and History

"IRIS" atrodas gleznainā, zaļā un drošā Rīgas rajonā - Šampēterī, tieši starp dinamisko centru un pazīstamo kūrortpilsētu Jūrmalu.
  • "IRIS" is located in a beautiful, green and safe area of Riga – Shampeteris (from French champêtre – rural), between the dynamic centre of the capital and the peaceful resort town Jurmala.

IRIS Project Name History

In the times of ancient gods, on Mount Olypus lived the goddess of rainbow – Iris. Aproximately at the same time on earth bloomed a flower with brightly colored petals that sparkled in the sun with whimsical shades, and reminded everyone of the rainbow. For this same reason people named the flower Iris in honor of the goddess of rainbow.

In accordance with Feng-Shui teachings, Iris as a flower symbolizes the most valued things in life: prosperity, strong family bonds and longevity. In other beliefs this flower symbolizes: harmony, faithfulness and cleanness.

The special symbolism of Iris was the thing that inspired the creators of this project. The idea behind the project was to create a place where people can be closer to nature, to create a place where people can enjoy peace, beautiful green landscapes and architecture, as well as to create opportunities for a successful and comfortable life in area that is closed from prying eyes.

Iris is a flower that reflects the most important things in life: hope, loyalty, family, success. And all of this and more, you will be able to  find in our project "IRIS"!

Shampeteris History  IRIS

Shampeteris History

The area of Shampeteris has formed on the land of the former Shampeteris Manor, which got its name in the second half of the 18th century in honor to its owner Anna Ulrika von Vietinghoff. Since then owners of the manor have changed several times. In 19th century, Shampeteris was a popular travel and recreation place for the residents of Riga, until it was divided into the areas for construction. and i Intense construction works in the area started, forming it into a significant industrial region. A vinegar manufacturing plant was founded in Shampeteris in 1803, a beer brewery in 1865 and lithography in 1899. In 1919 Shampeteris was administratively included in the territory of the city of Riga.
IRIS Presence of Nature in the Capital

Presence of Nature in the Capital

The charm of Shampeteris nowadays is in the streets embraced by the ancient tree alleys and old cobblestone which have remained in many areas since the 19th century. A special atmosphere is created by the old manor park with a pond and the beautiful wooden residential houses with the Swiss-style wooden ornaments built at the beginning of the 20th century, while the newly erected buildings with landscaped surroundings give a modern accent to Shampeteris. We wish to make life in "IRIS" pleasant for you from the first day, so we have ensured that apartment purchase of apartments would be fast, convenient and simple.